Just the Thing for Cold Feet

I picked up a little Valentine’s Day gift for 734’s Dad. He was freezing on his training rides last week, so I surprised him with some DeFeet Blaze Wool socks. I was a little skeptical after reading the mixed reviews on Performance Bike.com, but decided why not? It’s Valentine’s Day! The socks are pretty thick. When he strapped on his bike shoes yesterday, they felt tight. Always prepared, my Boy Scout threw a spare pair of socks in his Camelback just in case. I had my fingers crossed that he wouldn’t return with blisters. The socks got two thumbs up. He returned from his 60-mile trail ride happy as can be. Still didn’t make it home in time for the tip-off, but instead of mentally picturing him being chased by a mountain lion, I also thought ‘Wonder who he’s saving this time?’ I’m doing a little better with the worrywart thing.