It’s a Big Country

Fitness Journal

Hippies thumbed across it. Retirees RV across it. Me? I’ll be swimming, biking, and running across it in pure Forest Gump style.

I signed up for at the beginning of the year – thanks to a tip from my training partner, Sandy (tall chick, hates sharks). This site has a lot of the same diary features as for about a third of the price. It also has some pretty cool features that doesn’t – like this map.

And if you go into the Stats area, you can see how you rank among the other members. As of this posting, I'm 53rd in swimming, 88th in stationery cycling, and 438th in running. Oh, we know that's gonna change. Sandy was in the top 30 for swimming last year, stroking over a 100 miles!

Now, every time I workout, I will figuratively make my way across the country. Yes, even swim workouts count. (Makes me feel a little like Ted Kennedy or Chancie Gardner.) Suddenly, I look at this country with an entirely different point of view. There are no blue states. There are no red states. There are only big states.