I'm In

I still don’t know if I’ll run the Long Beach Marathon on October 12th or not – time will tell. Rehab is going well. My P.T. is very cool. The treatments are high tech. A minimal amount of cortisone in a cream is applied to the knee and spread around with a warm ultrasound device. Then I received iontophoresis that delivers cortisone through medical pads that are hooked up to an electronic muscle stimulation device. The whole thing takes about 40 minutes.

The good news: I found out the underlying cause of this swelling was actually weak hips. If I do my exercises this probably won’t happen again. I also found out my knees otherwise are in great shape. No obvious signs of arthritis.

To feel more like an athlete again, I hit the stores. I was overdue for new shoes. Newtons (my favs) are not advisable for me right now. I went with some Adidas Super Novas, which I hope will make me super fast – or at least comfortable. And I bought a Speedo Aqua Jogging Belt. It’s oh-so-stylish and oh-so-geeky. Think Depends. I gave 734’s Dad a fashion show of my new duds. He likes the jogging belt so much, he thinks I should wear it everywhere – the grocery store, the mall, the bank, the post office. (Notice he left out “the bars.”)

But the what-to-do-next-itus still got the best of me. It started out with a whimper and sort of built up during the week. What if I don’t run Long Beach? What if I don’t qualify for Boston? What if I do qualify for Boston? What if Oceanside sells out before I figure all that out? What if I can’t run marathons this winter? On and on – you get the idea. I could do Barb’s or Vineman, but I tend to wilt in the heat. 100-degree temps scare me.

I spoke to my coach today. She said I could do a marathon in January if I wanted. She asked, “If you qualify for Boston, would you be concerned with your time?” “No,” I replied, “I just want to see my dad on the sidelines.”

I started watching the start list for Oceanside a couple of days ago. And this morning, it looked pretty full. I put my buddy Ryan on the case. He’s a whiz at importing data into Excel for the big picture. An hour ago, I got my answer: 2,388. ‘Yikes,’ I thought, ‘It could fill up today.’ Not without me! It’s official. I’m in. Ryan is in too.

The other good news: 734 knows the sound of my car when I pull up. I drive a Prius.