“I laugh at ITB!”

That was the response from my acupuncturist, Jeffrey, when I asked if he could help this condition. Jeffrey was my last resort. Just as he was when nothing helped my vertigo three years ago. He made that go away in quick time too – and two days later, I played my best golf game ever. Jeffrey sees a lot of ITB with the dancers he treats.

Still I arrived at this appointment on Tuesday with an ounce of faith and an ounce of skepticism. I wanted it to work – desperately. My marathon is this Sunday. I’m okay with the ITB pain rearing its ugly head in the last 6.2 miles, if it must, but I don’t want to feel it n the first 6.2 miles.

Being a nearsighted writer, I’m always tight between the shoulder blades and the neck. I had some weird tightness in the lower back too. Must be the taper. He placed 25 needles in those areas. They felt like tiny pinches. The process is quite painless.

Then he went to work on my ITB. Those required 8 2-inch needles in strategic locations from my buttocks to just below my kneecap. Those needles were placed deep (though I still didn’t feel them), and then hooked up to an electrical machine that gently vibrated away the tightness and the pain that had bothered me off and on ever since my adductor tear. All while I listened to the relaxing Tibetan singing prayer bowl music with the sound of rain.

Wednesday I went out for my 50-minute run with my ITB strap. The run felt effortless at a 10-minute mile pace. The ITB strap felt like nothing more than a fashion accessory.

If you live in the Southern California area and have a perplexing ache or ailment, I highly recommend my acupuncturist Jeffrey of Peaceful Waves in Long Beach. Special thanks to my dear friend “Momma Sue” for taking care of my appointment, and feeding me well during Red Sox games the past week.

Now I’m ready to go to San Francisco. Stayed tuned for a race report next Tuesday :-)