How Crossfit Athletes Celebrate Memorial Day

My crossfit gym and other crossfit gyms across are honoring those who have served our country in a very special way today. A little background about crossfit first. Each day they perform a WOD – a Workout of the Day. Most of these super-challenging WODs are named after women – i.e, Diane, Eva, and Helen. But today’s WOD is called “The Memorial Murph.” To pay tribute to Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. He was only 29.

All these crossfit participants will chip in $10 to the Wounded Warrior Project and then they will do the following WOD:

• 1-mile run
• 100 pull-ups
• 200 push-ups
• 300 squats
• 1-mile run

Boo-Yaa! To me, that sounds like the crossfit equivalent of a 70.3 triathlon. But I dunno since I’m still learning and have only been doing it for a month. I won’t be participating in the event today because I’m under the weather. I’ll definitely support the cause though. You can too by visiting here.