High Five

When I’m running down the riverbed trail, I often wave at the other runners. It’s a wave that can easily be transformed into a high five for anyone willing to reciprocate. Most runners are kind of in their own zone though. But today – today I got an enthusiast slap on the hand from an older jogger. Yeah!! Someone who gets it.

After all, it is a celebration to get out there. And for me, it was a celebration of a hard three-day block of training:

Tues. – 10-mile tempo run with a good ol’ meltdown (I was overtired, couldn't hold any of my paces and was ready to chuck my Garmin in the river.)
Wed. – 2,100-yard swim, 4.5-mile run
Thur. – 16-mile ride with a 6-mile run off the bike

Saturday I’m doing a 20-mile run and a 1200-yard recovery swim.