Gadget Girl's Dreams

I never liked math. Maybe that’s why I still have recurring dreams about showing up for a test I neglected to prepare for – or worse, that I must repeat a semester of a math class that I never attended. In my dream world, I play hooky and get busted for it – a lot. (In real life, I showed up and struggled with it.) Not sure what brings these dreams on, but in the past month I’ve repeated my senior year of college twice and the sixth grade (complete with little desks, little chairs and little students).

One thing is clear, if my subconscious doesn’t want to do math during deep REM, my conscious definitely doesn’t want to do math in the middle of a race. That’s why I’m so glad that when I wake up from these nightmares, I can go for a run with my Garmin Forerunner 205. I can input the pace in the Virtual Training mode and it will show me exactly where I stand with two little running stick figures that represent the pacer and me. It will also display phrases like, “You are 50 seconds ahead of your pace.” It’s one of the many things I love about this watch. It comes with all sorts of training tools that are easy to use. Makes me feel smart, collecting all kinds of numbers (heart rate, time, distance, pace, calories burned, altitude, location) without ever having to figure them out by myself.

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