Flip Turns: Take 2

As I drove my teenage nephew to his doc appointment last week, I confessed my attempts at doing a somersault in the water. Noah has been taking surf lessons for PE, something I’m sure has been equally challenging for him since he’s always gravitated toward skim boarding. But this year, he’s experienced a breakthrough in the water. His advice, “You’ve just got to commit to it Auntie.” I let that one sink in with a proud inner beam. He sounded so mature all of the sudden. (And I resisted the urge to throw that back in his face over homework.)

Last weekend, I practiced somersaults in the living room – much to the amusement of the kitty. I was rusty. You’d never know I practiced Aikido and Kenpo.

Then Kristen met me a couple of days ago to help me out. I made progress, I have to say – even if I didn’t come full circle. I warmed up with some no-breathers to get my confidence up. Wow, I can go pretty far (for me) without breathing – 2/3 of the pool. I practiced bobbing. I practiced bobbing and motioning my arms. (More coaching from Shelly, the lifeguard, from the deck.) I tried doing arm stands. But my body didn’t like that at all. No way. Kristen tried flipping me over a couple of times. Yeah, nice try girl! My big bug-a-boo is apparently not wanting to be upside down. So, like a good shrink, Kristen practiced immersion therapy on me. She had me practice just sinking in the water upside down. I did get a little more comfortable with it. One of these days, I’ll get it. Perhaps the third time will be the charm.