Facing Your Stuff: Swimmer's Intervention #1*

A few days after posting my need for a swimmer's intervention, I received an invite from Kristen (TriDiver) to join her in the Bay that weekend. With no race on the horizon for months, I scoffed at entering the cold water again for at least three weeks, until May. (I didn't want to get a cold right before my high-school reunion back in Massachusetts.) Even though I felt lame for declining, I was also grateful and hopeful that I'd have someone to swim with again in the open water soon. Kristen's a phenomenal swimmer. I could learn a lot from her. And even though I couldn't keep up with her, I knew she'd keep a watchful eye out for me. I knew I was about to enter one of the most important triathlon transitions of all – from thinking about it to doing it. I was about to face my stuff. What do you need to face? Comment if you like. Or just grin and think about the possibility of doing it too. * This series chronicles my friends’ and coaches’ attempts at helping me improve my swimming abilities. These stories appear in an inexact chronological order – past and present – at least for now.