Endurance Traveler – A New Ironman TV Show

I’ve been known to watch those reruns of Ironman races, one after the other as they air on Universal Sports. (I usually need a box of Kleenex for them, too. They get me every time.) Now I have a new guilty pleasure. Sharkbait turned me on to this new show called Endurance Traveler, which airs on Fox Sports Net.

What a great concept. It’s a travelogue show that follows the host, Dean Warhaft, as he travels and competes in Ironman races and other endurance events around the world. The first episode I caught showed Dean in Austria, visiting castles and breweries, flipping fish in the kitchen of a world-renown restaurant, and taking a boat tour. I also saw him take a trail run and pre-ride the IM Austria course. Then on race day, I saw him comfortably talk it up for the camera as he competed in his 30th Ironman race and conversed with other athletes on the run.

He made it all look so easy. Judging from his bio that’s probably the way he approaches everything in life. “….Dean Warhaft, an experienced endurance athlete, writer, attorney, land surveyor and amateur chef who has raced, eaten, and explored his way across 6 continents for almost 2 decades.” Kind of makes you want to invite him over for dinner, doesn’t it?

This guy has done races I’ve never even heard of – next up in the DVR queue is the annual Swim Around Key West. And coming up this month, Ironman Mexico and the Reggae Marathon. I love this show for giving me a glimpse of the places I might want to race someday, and the chance to enjoy them vicariously with my legs up on the couch as I recover from my own workouts.

Here’s a link for the Endurance Traveler shows airing in your area.