Elizabeth: She was a good one!

Elizabeth was the WOD – workout of the day for me on WednesdayZenday. More like a workout of the week – WOW.I had looked forward to doing this crossfit workout for a while. After all, Elizabeth was my mother’s name. It’s my middle name. It’s my niece’s name. I couldn’t skip it.

What was it? 21 reps of each of cleans and ring dips. Followed by 15 reps of both. Followed by 9 reps of both. We had 10 minutes to complete this WOD. It took me 7:35.

I don’t do heavy reps, especially when I have to a lot of reps. It’s all about getting the form and the muscle memory right first for me. Even though I’ve been doing crossfit for the better part of a year, there’s so much variety that I could go for weeks without repeating some of the moves.

Here’s what a good clean looks like. Imagine me doing it with just a 35 lb. bar. I’ve done more weight than that but not with this many reps!

Ring dips? I had a bunch of ‘em to do in last Friday’s WOD too. I do them assisted with my knees in a large band draped across the gymnast rings. As I discovered last Friday, if you’re not careful, you can be transformed into a human slingshot. So I only had one knee planted in the band on Wednesday.

(Here’s what they’re supposed to look like – about 30 seconds in.)

I was the slowest kid in the class. But that’s okay. I still get lots of love for trying and by the end of this one, I definitely wanted my momma!

Here’s what Elizabeth looked like in another crossfit class.