Dr. Dave Martin

He’s been on all our minds since Friday morning. He was the triathlete whose life was sadly taken by what it is believed to be a great white shark. I never knew him, but I’m almost positive I saw him volunteer with the rest of the San Diego Triathlon Club at the Ironman California 70.3. When I saw his picture pop up on CNN, his handsome, chiseled features were pretty unmistakable.

He sounded like a wonderful man. I saw his grown kids interviewed on the Today Show Monday morning. They looked numb, yet composed. His son surfed the day of the accident out of reverence for his father’s love of the water. His 18-year old daughter said, “I feel lucky that I knew him for 18 years.” Wow.

One of the best recounts I’ve read of this day is on Beth's blog. For a couple of hours, she wasn't sure if it was her boyfriend James involved in the attack.

And I think Iron Kahuna pretty much summed up all our thoughts about the allure of swimming in the open water.

We will never forget Dr. Dave Martin because he was one of us, doing what he loved with the people he loved. Though it does nothing to lessen the blow of losing this great guy, as one shark expert said on CNN, “You have a higher probability of being killed by a vending machine than a great white shark.”

The San Diego Triathlon Club has taken up a collection to assist Dave's family. At the request of David Martin's family spokesperson, Rob Hill, an account has been established to take care of the family's immediate needs at:

First Pacific Bank
937 Lomas Santa Fe Drive
Solana Beach, CA. 92075

The bank is located just east of The 5 Freeway, in the same shopping center as Vons, Big 5, etc., between the Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors and Starbucks. Make checks payable to "David Martin Memorial Fund." The bank can take donations that are hand delivered, mailed or you can wire money to the bank. All of First Pacific's eight branches in San Diego County are prepared to take donations.

If donations are sent by wire:

1st Pacific Bank of California
9333 Genesee Avenue
San Diego, CA 92121
Routing #1222-43127

Credit to David Martin Memorial fund

If sent by mail or personal delivery:

1st Pacific Bank of California
Solana Beach Office
937 Lomas Santa Fe Drive
Solana Beach, CA 92075