I have scribbled on a note (that was sandwiched with a pile of other notes on my desk, until recently) something that caught my ear while listening to a podcast. I’m not sure who to even credit it to – my best guess is the anti-debt financial guy, Dave Ramsey. (Don't agree with everything he says, but it's good to get another perspective and realize we're all in the same boat.)

This one really resonated with me. Are you ready? Dream stands for:


Pretty much sums it up nicely, doesn’t it? Those are the qualities required to make dreams come true. Seemed like a timely one to post on this Election Day. I am hopeful that our next president will possess all of the above. I am hopeful that I can learn how to swim faster, ride stronger, and run injury-free in the months to come when I keep them in mind, too. And sometimes it's good to just goof off and reflect on those dreams while staring at the leaves. I took this shot in my hometown while visiting my dad.