Congrats, Chris!

My buddy, Chris, completed Ironman Japan on Sunday. I met Chris at the master’s swim club I trained with my first year of triathlon. It was like swimming next to a powerboat. Even though he was in the next lane, he made a powerful wake. So guess who was first out of the water in his age group? Yeah, he smoked the swim in 53:56. He finished the race in 11:34:52. As you can tell, he’s pretty strong on every leg of the course. I often spot him getting his runs in on the trails.

He’s a great source for advice. Chris calmed me down before my first half-Ironman when I was a little freaked out about starting behind the pro women for Operation Rebound. I was afraid the good, young swimmers would plow over me. He reminded me that good swimmers would find that a complete waste of energy and risky. Hearing that from a good swimmer helped. And he was right.

The dude has done a bunch of Ironmans, including Ironman New Zealand, Ironman Australia, Ironman Lanzarote, Ironman Brazil, Ironman Germany, Ironman Wisconsin, and Ironman France. I took this picture of him three weeks ago. It was great to see him.