Biking with the Birds

Last Saturday, my training partner, Stacey, and I rode 40 miles on the riverbed trail. It was the ultimate mixture of urban sprawl and rural wildlife.

Here’s what we saw:

Amorous pigeons
A multitude of horse barns
Homeless men camping under bridges
Excited dogs
A Not-so-excited –about-those-dogs goat
Crazy dude on PCP
Great blue herons
Great egrets
Styrofoam cups and trash in the river
Brown pelicans
Big Wal-mart
White pelicans
Gray pelicans
Male cyclists who seemed to be watching out for us
Northern pintails (those were the ducks way up the trail with the curly tails)
Canadian geese
Mallard ducks
Families riding without helmets (my personal pet peeve)
Double-crested cormorants

I had no idea my buddy knew so many species of birds. We also talked about everything from Stacey’s track-star son to trash TV along the way. Nothing like some good girl-talk to make those miles fly by…until the last half hour, which seemed like an eternity. Suffice it to say, we didn’t nail our nutrition that morning until we arrived at the River End Café. Yup, we saved our best view for last.