Because Steve in a Speedo Wanted to Know

I love Steve’s blog. He had a post a couple of weeks ago where he answered five personal questions that gave us more insight about our fearless-in-the-face-of-frostbite friend. In the spirit of keeping the game going, I volunteered to answer a few questions from him. Here’s what he asked me:

1.) What was the race that got you "hooked?" Explain.

In my freshman year of high school, I went out for the cross-country team under complete duress. My best friend had a crush on a boy on the team. I trained with three girls and about 40 boys for the first three months of my running career. When the indoor track season started, I ran in my first mile meet. On the gun lap, I took off on a few seniors and won the race. I felt different waves of emotion in that field house. Thrilled to feel the immediate acceptance of my teammates and new coach. But I also felt horrible for a senior girl on the other team who was crying because a little twerp just passed her so handily. She had to be consoled by her teammates. Oh the drama.

2.) If you could replace one leg of a triathlon (swim, bike, run) with ANYTHING else (canoe, 1/4 mile of monkey bars, off-road baja car race, pull-up challenge, etc), what part would you replace? Why? What would the new leg be? Why?

I would definitely replace the swimming leg. My nickname is “Minnow” for a reason. Though I’m coming along. Still have a ways to go. I would replace the swimming portion with curling. Ha, bet you didn’t expect that one did ya’? Yeah, when I lived back East, I was a competitive curler.

3.) If you had to pick a current game show to be on, which one would you pick? Why?

Well, that’s a toss-up between Deal or No Deal (because there aren’t any tough questions) or Wait, Wait which airs on public radio on Saturday mornings (because the tough questions are fun and pertain to the week’s news, and the prize is getting one of show’s hosts, Carl Kasell, to record a personal greeting on your answering machine).

4.) On your drive to work, do you listen to alternative, classic rock, NPR, or the local pop station with the trashy and shameless morning show?

I’m one of those lucky ones with a three-foot commute to work. But on those occasions when I have to visit a client and run some other errands, I listen to Dr. Laura in the late morning (unless she’s really bitchy), NPR in the late afternoon, and KROQ’s Love Line late at night.

5.) I'm conducting a study: do you prefer a man in boxers or briefs?

Um, let’s see – neither! Ask a smart-*ss question, get a smart-*ss answer.

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