Back to My Old Neck of the Woods

Last week, I took a vacation. Maybe you could tell from the lack of posts that I needed one. I went back to Massachusetts to visit my dad. I also spent some quality time with my college roommate, Lee, at her place in Western Massachusetts. The one thing all three of us have in common is a love of photography.

I have sweet memories of helping my dad develop pictures in his makeshift dark room in the basement when I was a kid. I liked the darkness, the smell of the chemicals, and watching pictures appear slowly before our eyes. The anticipation was magical. He encouraged me to enter a local photo contest once. In my junior year of college, I had a semester abroad in London. I met Lee in the airport en route to England and we became fast friends and roommates. Lee was a photojournalism major. I was a marketing major. She took pictures like a member of the AP press corps. I tagged along with her and took pictures like a Japanese tourist.

I love escaping into that visual world. So whenever I go home, I don’t pack a camera. I borrow one of my dad’s. And I go a little nuts. Here’s are a few that I took along the way. (Okay, more than a few.)