April Fool’s Fashion Statement

Some people are really good at April Fool’s jokes. Like 734’s Dad. Last year, he had me convinced that my XTERRA idol, Melanie McQuaid, hit on him. Evil. My April’s Fool’s joke was much more innocent. I chose to wear it.

I strut into Pilates class yesterday in these vintage 80’s Lycra tights with funky type that says “dangerous.” Anything to give the class – a mix of sweet old ladies and injured athletes – a lift. Our instructor, Toni, always mentions that she likes it when we wear stripes because she can see our alignment better. In Pilates, stripes are the new lie detector.

Okay, where on earth did I find such a find? A couple of years ago after my mother passed away, my sisters and I went through her clothes. It was the saddest week of our lives. As we opened a chest of clothes, we uncovered these and were overcome with fits of giggles. Mom was a fashion-forward woman. The idea of her working out in these at the gym in her 60s made us happy. My sister Jane threw them to me and said, “Oh yeah, these are you. I think you need to run on the beach in these some foggy morning.” I grabbed them with a grin.

Somehow, yesterday felt like the perfect day to pull them out of the closet. They were a hit with the class. Sue, my workout buddy who is in her 70s, turned to me and said, “Your mother must’ve been pretty fit to wear those.” “Yes, she was,” I answered.

Today, my mom still inspires me as I train for the AquaBike. I’m not sure how much racing I’ll do this season beyond that event. Only time will tell. But next year, watch out. I’ll be “dangerous.”