Another Sign of Overtraining

Clean House - The Geller Family (Season 5 Episode 1) at
One of my guilty pleasures is watching a show called "Clean House." Where regular, often really out-of-shape folks are busted for their pack-rat, cluttered habits. They undergo a little therapy, a yard sale, and some serious help from a crew of people who makeover a couple of rooms in their home. One day, I noticed something different. This family wasn't out of shape. And their clutter included bikes, surfboards, and a litany of other stuff brandished haphazardly about the house. Yup, they were triathletes. So, whenever this episode airs, I can't help but watch it as a reminder to keep up with my training and all the other stuff that can pile up. It airs again on Sunday, September 14th. Or follow the widget above to find out when it's airing again in your area.