A Training First: ‘Cause I was THAT Busy

One of my favorite mantras is “There’s a creative solution for every problem.” Last week was a particularly stressful one.

Two family emergencies on the East Coast. Screaming deadlines for three clients on the West Coast. And a longstanding commitment to hang out with a friend’s elderly mom for a couple nights while she was on a business trip.

I examined my living room from my desk that afternoon, looked longingly over at Blaze (my tri bike) and realized there was only one way to get the training in. So I rolled out the Herman Miller desk chair for a seat that’s a little more aero. Propped up some ad awards annuals under the front wheel and got to work.

Then I managed to get some edits done for an investment product, came up with a bunch of ad ideas for a technology company, and read a long report on a new line of cosmeceuticals (beauty products dispensed by dermatologists). Hopped off the bike to take a couple of calls in between from people I will be eternally grateful to in Boston and D.C. as well as my big sis’ nearby in Long Beach.

When all was said and done and done and done, I put in 30 miles on the trainer. It wasn’t the highest quality workout. But it opened up the capillaries, helped me de-stress, and served as a mental victory.