A Ticklish Pain

I had another long rehab session yesterday. The last half hour was some good bodywork by the P.T. guys – the Mikes. I have something called a contracture. My left knee is stuck with a 2-3 degree bend. My right knee is about a –1 when I straighten it.

So is it tissue that got used to being shortened? Or could it be that certain muscles still aren’t firing right? The VMO (that inner muscle at the bottom of the quad that cyclists rely on) is lagging. It shivers under stress. Now, I know it doesn’t sound terribly fascinating here, but it sure was to them yesterday.

One of the Mikes just returned from a conference on this sort of thing. He felt around higher, near my hip. Pressed down and I flinched. “It’s a weird ticklish pain,” I said. He grinned. “In the conference, he said (some P.T. guru with 8 titles after his name) ‘Ticklish pain is the muscle screaming for help.’” They kept working on me – from my hip to my foot.

Told me to keep using the foam roller, the Yamuna ball, and even a rolling pin. I’ll be rummaging around the kitchen to find it this afternoon.