A Three-Hour Brick

Yesterday I did a three-hour brick. Granted it happened in rehab, but I’m countin’ it. I was so excited about getting in the pool again, I arrived early.

The water workout included resistance walking, stretching, and a bunch of exercises they wouldn’t have me attempt on land. The water was warm and I realized how much I missed the smell of chlorine.

After a quick change (T1), it was back to the regular rehab. Electric stimulation for 15 minutes with heat, sheet slides to encourage range of motion in the knee (painful), and a bunch of different exercises (30 of each), 17 minutes on the bike, more stretching, heel on the foam roller with a 3-lb weight on my quad to encourage my knee to straighten (my least favorite exercise), stretching by the P.T., followed up by 20 minutes on the H-wave machine (another form of stim) and ice.

It made me feel like an athlete again. It made me sleep through the night again.