A Swimmer's Intervention – A New Series

Last April, after my first open water swim of the season, I admitted I was in need of an intervention in the post Confessions of a Hot Pink Buoy. It was an ugly reminder of all the things I still needed to work on with my swim, despite my recent improvements in the pool – I paused for no reason, zigzagged all over the place, and just wanted out. I needed help. A lot of help. And I got it from my dear friends and coaches. For that I will be forever grateful. Though I never got around to posting about them during the big build up to the Vineman 2.4-mile swim, they are still worth blogging about. Those earnest moments where someone patiently imparted wisdom, demonstrated a technique or a drill, watched over me, and encouraged me. And I tried over and over again to absorb it. These insightful workouts were teemed with laughter, frustration, adrenaline, exhilaration, and exhaustion. They lead to endurance and mental breakthroughs I've never had before. So you'll get to read about these in no particularly order as I call them up from my memory bank and continue to experience them in future workouts. I hope they inspire those non-swimmers out there (like my Pilates instructor, Toni) that it's never too late to try. I hope they inspire runners and cyclists at heart to keep working on their weakest leg of the triathlon. And I hope it inspires the strong swimmers in the blogosphere to pay it forward and give their buds a little help, too. I'll try to keep these posts short and entertaining.