A Soggy Metamorphosis

After only a half dozen Master’s swimming workouts, I’m starting to notice a few distinct changes.

1. I can swim a lot farther than I thought. Last night my training log calculated 7.59 miles so far this year. (In a perfect world, it would’ve been 7.34, but Coach Mary pushed me to go longer.)
2. I’m learning how to do swim strokes that I’ve never really attempted before because no one ever made me or showed me how to do them. My backstroke isn’t pretty, but I haven’t caused any damage to my training partners yet.
3. I’m cramping so badly during workouts that my body feels possessed after 1,500-2,000 yards. I figure my toes and calves are going through an adaptation phase. Or maybe it should be classified as hazing since this Master’s group feels a bit like a sorority when we’re laughing about our workouts in the locker room.
4. My laundry hamper is piling up a lot faster with big towels.
5. I’m frequently reaching for those Swimmer’s eardrops.
6. I’m positively giddy with endorphins after each workout.
7. My happiness quotient has gone way up.

Sharkbait noticed a difference too. Near the end of Wednesday’s workout, she called out to me from a couple of lanes away with a smile and a nod of approval, “You’re gliding!” “What?” I replied. “You’re gliding!!” “Oh,” I answered. A compliment on my swimming definitely takes a little while to register. I wondered, ‘Have I ever glided before? And if so, when?’ There I go overanalyzing things again. Who cares? For one length of the pool, it happened. I had a witness.

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