A New Series

I’ve had an idea stirring around in my brain for a while. I want to write about how other athletes have come back from their injuries. Initially, this was for purely selfish reasons. I needed it to help me get through a season that would not include the excitement of races.

But now I have a whole new motivation to make this happen. Two weeks ago a good buddy of mine was in a serious ski accident. He’s in a hospital bed right now hooked up to tubes and machines. The great news is he’s all there. He’s a phenomenal athlete. A tough dude. He’ll be in the hospital for months though. To remind him that things will get better, I would like to post a new Comeback Kid story every week. Sort of like a virtual get well card. I have a few stories on the backburner already. I’ll need a lot more.

If you have a good comeback story, please email me at sixtwothreetries@gmail.com. Must be up for a phone interview, so I can give it my best effort. And, of course, your story won’t be posted without your approval in advance. It can be any kind of comeback story – physical, emotional, or even financial. A healthy dose of optimism to give us all a lift, especially my buddy.