A Doris Day Off

Last Saturday, I woke up exhausted from a particularly draining couple of weeks. I had every intention of running that morning. Made my coffee and started watching Turner Movie Classics. I wasn’t in the mood to watch the news or (dare I admit it?) cartoons. I wanted to be taken back to a simpler time.

I started watching a Doris Day movie, “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.” Ah, it was an oldie, but goodie. Still wasn’t ready to run. On came another Doris flick, “Lover Come Back.” That was it. I didn’t move from my bed. My sister called, “I’m watching the best Doris Day flick.” “Me too!!” I replied, “Come on over and we can watch it together.”

I was exhausted. I listened to my body and did absolutely nothing that day. I didn’t clean up around the house. I didn’t go to the recycling center. I didn’t pay bills or send out invoices. I didn’t buy groceries. I didn’t sort the mail. I didn’t wash the car. Nothing. Na-da. Que sera sera!

After a good lunch, my sister and I continued laying in bed through “The Glass Bottom Boat,” “Tunnel of Love,” and “That Touch of Mink.” Occasionally one of us would drop off to sleep. Always to be awakened by Doris’s cheerful face, comical fiascos, and a swath of 60’s bright yellow on a trench coat, a sundress, or a sofa.

It got me thinking, how often do we athletes allow ourselves the luxury of just doing absolutely nothing all day? Not very often right? In fact, I couldn’t even think of a time that I’ve done this before. (The flu doesn’t count.) How about you?