A Chance to Just Be

When I first found out I might be down for the count for a bit, the first words out my mouth to Todd were (I kid you not), “I feel like such a poser!” “What? Your sick!” he replied. It was the idea of having training interuptus again that got the best of me. The knee. The big book project in the fall. I was just getting on a roll.

Once we said our goodbyes and I settled into being quarantined, I started to see the gift in it. Seriously, what overly busy woman wouldn’t kill for an opportunity to get off the merry-go-round of juggling errands, laundry and life for just a few days?

It gave me time to tackle Mount Magazines, watch more cooking, Man v. Nation, and Bravo TV shows than I dare to admit. It allowed me to cuddle up with Netflix on my iPad and watch one episode of Lie to Me after another. (Brilliant.) This freelance writer could still make a living, but she didn’t need to drive 45 miles each way for a face-to-face meeting with the client. With a big pock on my forehead (not quite as bad as a third eye) and my uber thick glasses (which I haven’t I worn so much since they called me “four eyes”), I was thrilled to just phone it in this time. I was even able to participate in my meditation class through the magic of iChat. Connecting with my friends that way made me feel far less lonely.

I am incredibly grateful to Sharkbait and Lynne for bringing me care packages of food, and Susan for picking up groceries. Throughout the past two weeks, I was able to eat incredibly healthy. I made lots of smoothies to help the medicine go down. Going from needing no medication to the ritual of taking something five times a day that might save my vision later was an eye opener. I’m lucky I don’t have to do this all the time. I’m lucky I get to go back to life as normal next week or soon thereafter.

With the exception of feeling super fidgety on Sunday, I’ve been hanging in there pretty well. Tomorrow will be my last day of taking strong meds – and I’m sure I’ll feel a lot more like myself soon. Something tells me those workouts to come will be that much sweeter, even if the times are slower.