This morning I thought twice about going to my track workout. Was it a smart thing to do just two days after my longest run of the year? I didn’t want to get injured again. But then again, I didn’t want to miss the smack talk between Max and Alex – or the coffee break with the group afterwards.

I didn’t expect to be doing a mile time trial today. And I definitely didn’t expect to PR today. Trying to chase down my rabbit Kristin, I finished it in 7:01. Six weeks ago, I ran it in 7:29. With everything that had been going on lately, I thought for sure I’d be slower.

This made me so happy. I didn’t expect to post a time like that until Christmas (maybe). It proved the point that you can get faster doing long, slow runs. You can get faster when life throws a lot of distractions at you. You can even skip a workout or two (or in the case of this month, six), and still get faster.

It made me happy because there are two mile times that really stand out in my head from running high-school track:

My first indoor track meet - 7:15
My fastest indoor mile - 5:40

Thirty-plus years later, at least I beat one of them.