623 Foley, Motivational Speaker

Two weekends ago, I did my last triathlon and first sprint of the season (I think). It was the geographically desirable Long Beach Triathlon where I saw a lot of my old and new friends. By the end of the race, I was dumbstruck by my split personality during this competition. On the outside, I was a good sport. Inside, I was a bad motivational speaker. I had convinced myself that I would not amount to “JACK SQUAT.”

The transcript went something like this…

On the exceedingly crowded, half-mile swim:

Outer voice: “Sorry, didn’t mean to get ‘cha. Go ahead!”
Inner voice: “You suck at this. Why are you doing this? And you think you’re ready to try a half Ironman or Alcatraz? Ha, you suck!”

SWIM TIME: 16:23.4 – a PR

On the 11-mile bike:

Outer voice: “Good job! Way to go.”
Inner voice: “Geez girl, you are light years away from being ready for a tri bike. Why can’t you go any faster?”

Outer voice: “Hey, what’s wrong?”
Tri Diva: “My pedal is stuck.”
Inner voice: “You’re not going to stop to help her? What happened to leave no Tri Diva behind? Just ‘cause you’re not a Diva anymore, you could’ve helped her.”

Outer voice: “Hey, what happened? Did you crash?”
Woman walking with her bike in one hand and wheel in the other: “No, I have the wrong size tube.”
Inner voice: “Oh come on now. You have a tube. Stop and give it to her. It’s not like you’re gonna podium. She’s 2.5 miles from T2. Are you gonna make her walk?”
I stopped, dismounted, fumbled for a tube, and threw it to her.
Outer voice: “Here ya’ go!”
Woman: “Wow, thanks you’re so sweet!”

BIKE TIME: 38:14.6 – a PR

On the 3-mile run:

Outer voice to the competitors: “Nice pace. Good job. Good job.”
Outer voice to the volunteers: “Thank you so much!”
Inner voice: “Man, you are so slow. Why can’t you go any faster? What is your problem today? Get going!”

RUN TIME: 24:55.8 – a PR

Total Time: 1:25:27
Age Group Place: 7/35
Gender Place: 83/313

It was the best I’ve ever done in a race. Last year on a similar course, I did a sprint in 2:01:37. I far exceeded my goal of trying to get to the front of the back of the pack at some point this year. Next time I start browbeating myself in a race, I’m going to have to visualize Matt Foley’s twisting gyrations, so I can “get back on the right track.”