2008 Mileage: Made it to Iowa

Fitness Journal

I was hoping to make it all the way across the country for a virtual visit with my big sis’ in D.C. But the knee did not cooperate and my season for the most part ended in September – Iowa to be exact. I swam quite a bit this fall, but it’s hard to swim from the Midwest to the East Coast. Maybe Lynne Cox could do it, but not me.

To be completely honest, I’m pretty darn pleased with how far I came in 2008.

Here’s how it compared with 2007:

2008 Swam: 66.19 miles
2007 Swam: 58.40 miles

2008 Road Biked: 1,027.81 miles
2007 Road Biked: 536.8 miles

2008 Mountain Biked: 66.91 miles
2007 Mountain Biked. 103.9 miles

2008 Ran: 569.18 miles
2007 Ran: 435.20 miles

2008 Hiked: 16.61 miles
2007 Hiked: 15.00 miles

2008 Raced: 139.83 miles
2007 Raced: 159.51 miles

2008 Total Workout Time: 258 hours and 12 minutes
2007 Total Workout Time: 238 hours and 48 minutes

Wait 'til this year!