The top 10 reasons why I’m not doing the XTERRA Sport race this year:

1.) Wouldn’t want to make 734’s dad jealous hanging out with Conrad “The Caveman” Stoltz again.
2.) Wouldn’t be sporting to give Melanie McQuaid a 2-hour head start.
3.) If Jamie Whitmore can’t be there, I won’t be there.
4.) The race might interfere with a potential NBA playoff game 7 between the Celtics and Cavs.
5.) I need bigger waves than Vail Lake.
6.) There are never any women in my age group.
7.) I might get my sneakers dirty.
8.) Too many hills.
9.) Crappy views.
10.) I might be semi-permanently branded with numbers for the season if I forget my sun block, again.
11.) Bonus: I'm resting on my sweet-ass laurels.

Okay, the truth? I’m way too tuckered out to race this weekend. Five weeks of minimal workouts after recovering from Oceanside, traveling to Boston, getting sick for two solid weeks, working a ton of hours, and developing a strange floppy, tingly foot – a sack full of excuses – have taken me out of my rhythm. XTERRA is no place to go if you're not on your game. Fortunately, this won’t go down as a DNF or a DNS. Since I procrastinated on the paperwork, this goes down as a DNE – Did Not Enter. I’m just not race ready. And that’s okay. I love XTERRA too much not to go back.