What’s in a name?

It was about a year ago that my guy rescued a kitten. After a nice dinner, we were spontaneously invited over to meet the 4-lb. fur ball. He timidly walked out of the bathroom, straight over to his new owner – and went nose to nose. Even though I’m a dog person, I knew this was a good sign. In the feline world, it means trust.

My guy was not ready to take on another cat. He kept saying, “I’m not getting attached. Don’t get used to this place little guy.”

I asked around to see if any of my friends would take him.

Three weeks later, I said, “Well, I tried. Jean’s not ready for another cat either.”

My guy said, “I’m giving him a prison number name. He’s 734 until I find him a new home. I’m not getting attached.”

I replied gently, “I don’t know. I think you are. I think you really do want to keep him.”

“You know me so well,” he replied with a chuckle. “But he’s still going to be 734.”

I didn’t think much of it. We have all kinds of nicknames for him. But some people thought that’s just a weird name for a cat.

Eventually, his name was shortened to “Seven.”

Me, being the gullible one, I didn’t question the prison number explanation. Me, being the right-brained one, I didn’t bother doing any mental calculations. Yeah, it takes me just a little too long to do Sudoku puzzles.

What makes this even funnier is that Sandy (tall chick who hates sharks) lives in a numbers world. Even Sandy didn’t figure it out.

But after telling 734’s Dad’s mother about my blog on Christmas Eve, she put it all together a couple of days later.

She gave her son a knowing glance and grin and said, “I know why you named him 734.”

He acted all innocent. “What?” he replied.

“I know.”


“You added 111 to 623. That’s how you came up with that name!” she insisted.

“Oh, did I?” he said with a grin.

He later told me that he wanted us to be linked.

It gets better. I told my college roommate Winter this story and she replied with a huge bout of laughter, “Yeah, I thought you already knew that and you guys came up with that name together. I figured it out when you had that post 623 v. 734 about the kitten gaining more weight than you!”

Go figure.