Weekend Tri

I had a different kind of tri on the books this weekend. It was a one-of-a-kind, all-day affair. Yup, it was pretty grueling.

• 12-mile run in the morning heat with a 4th of July-induced cottonmouth
• 9 holes of golf with Sandy, Janice and Nikki in the afternoon
• Plus, a late afternoon bodysurfing/ocean swimming lesson by Sandy and Nikki

The latter was an opportunity that I was tempted to pass up, but knew in my heart of hearts that I shouldn’t miss. My fear of waves is still there.

I need to work on it – or every race I enter will be in a lake, harbor, boat basin or hot tub. So, Sandy patiently treaded water with me, watched and shouted, “Okay, dive now…” at just the right time for me to negotiate the waves. And coached me how to swim up some small waves. I still feel like an IronWimp, but at least I got out there and got a taste of success. Which was way better than my last group workout. Some day, waves won’t freak me out. My coach refers to it as “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

The golf was just what I needed. A lighthearted afternoon where we laughed at our bad shots, celebrated our good shots and didn’t feel the need to keep score. I’ve been working and training a lot, but feeling disconnected with quite a few friends in the process.

I love this particular course because it’s surrounded by mountain bike trails and plenty of wilderness. We even saw some deer cross the fairway on the fifth hole. I think they were good luck. I hit my best drive there. Hey, as long as I have ONE good shot a game, it’s enough to keep me going back.