Tuesday – It’s Taper Time!!!

The day I’ve daydreamed about all winter has finally arrived. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, but I’ll take it. Yesterday afternoon/evening, Kristen and I ran 8.5 miles and swam 1600 yards. (She probably swam 2000 yards.) Two workouts in one day has been the norm four days a week for a while. Today, I’m riding 27 miles on the trainer. That’s it. No running or swimming afterwards. Yippee!

My coach said, “You may be tempted to fill your social calendar or rearrange your furniture, but please hold off.” Silly girl is still getting to know me. Even though I’ve been very good at following her plan, I have an infinite capacity to be lazy without any motivation. So, just imagine how good I can be at being lazy when 70.3 miles are on the line? I’d podium.