Tonight, It All Makes Sense

I’m home visiting my dad in Massachusetts. He’s doing remarkably well. Picture enlargements of my mom are everywhere. After he cooked a good fish dinner, he said, “Well, I’m going to go downstairs to check on the Crackerbarrel net.” His ham radio group that he’s spoken to regularly since I was a kid. Then I thought yup, think I’ll check on my tri blogger friends Benson, Beth, IronWil, Jameson, MtnGirlinCali, Roman, TriBoomer, Tri4Ever, TriGreyhound, SpeedRacer, and PursuitofIronman (sorry man, I don't know why that link won't load) – as well as my college roommate and esteemed poet,Winter, and my funny, irreverent,law school friend Virgin. Hey, you never know…I might need a lawyer if I ever get caught drafting accidentally. I’m pretty klutzy. It could happen. I'd love to see her on the back of a motorcycle argue my case, "She's innocent!" Hey Virgin, you can defend dogs, cats AND minnows! Tonight it hit me in one more way, the apple doesn’t fall far – indeed.