This Week's Top 6-2-3

The past few days have been epic. Met some incredible people along the way. As a result, I’ll have a few more posts this week.

• Watched my friend bravely endure radiation treatments.
• Met 3x Tour de France winner, Greg LeMond.
• Heard “One-Armed Willie” Stewart describe his life, athletic accomplishments and training regimen.
• Saw some of the world’s top cyclists in the Tour de California.
• Heard a quote from the Navy Seal movie G.I. Jane, a commander shouted during an intense training scene, “If you’re a quitter today, you’re a quitter for the rest of your life.”
• And everyone who finished the Great Silverado Foot Race.

• Completed the Great Silverado Foot Race, a single-track trail race – the most difficult race I’ve ever done in my life.
• Kept a friend company for a 2 1/2-hour bike/run brick workout.
• Biked 20 miles past a bunch of surfers on a beautiful day.

• Got my picture taken with Greg LeMond and Team Discovery Coach, Johan Bruyneel.
• FINISHED the Great Silverado Foot Race.