This Week’s Top 6-2-3

Thought I’d bring this back after many months. And I’m going to do it out of order, too. Will try to post the Top 6-2-3 regularly towards the beginning of each week.


My buddy Ryan finally got a real bike – a Cervelo P2C. The one I’ve been pining for all year. It’s super light, aesthetically pleasing, and totally drool worthy.

734’s Dad and I went to his bike club’s end of the season bash Saturday night. (The little black dress was a hit.)

After hours of trying, 734 figured out how to get the treat off the string of the balloon we brought back from the dinner. (Yeah, I know silly! The balloon was my idea - leave it to a dog person; the mind-bending hide-a-treat puzzle was his idea.)

My quest to learn how to do a flip turn has brought out all kinds of tips from old friends and helped me make new ones in the pool.

• From Shelley, “Tuck your head!”
• From Virgin, “Try starting in the middle of the pool.”
• From the girl I shared a lane with last week, “Try it in the deep end your first few times, so you don’t hit your head.”
• From Scott, “Maybe try doing somersaults on the ground first.”
From my Survivor night friends:
• Jacqueline said, “I taught Meredith (her little sister) how to do it this summer by starting with hand stands.”
• Felix suggested, “Try swinging your arms in circles to get your body around.” - as he motioned wildly with small arm circles by his waist and made me laugh.

• Several attempts at a flip turn. So many that my back and neck ached for a couple of days.
• Two 20-minute sessions on the bike, easy spinning. First time since I injured my knee. It’s a start.
• Swam a mile on Saturday morning in an attempt to summon some endorphins. Phew, it worked!