The Me I Wanted to Be

Two summers ago when I did my first Olympic distance triathlon (1500 meter swim, 24.8-mile bike, 6.2-mile run) at Camp Pendleton, I barely made the cut off. They took down the finish line minutes after I crossed it. I was 676 out of 689.

Last year was far better. A lifeguard did not escort me for the majority of the swim. But I struggled to keep my bike steady in the wind. And I walked part of the run, even though I had been training for a marathon.

This race has always been humbling for me. The fact that I’m always in the last wave of older women – the pink caps – historically only helped to accentuate my lack of speed out there.

This year was more like it. I’m happy to report a PR for every leg of the race! I passed a few blue caps. I passed some sexy Orbea, Specialized, and Felt bikes on my $400 used Giant. I felt strong on the run and never walked.

Swim '08 38:18
Swim '07 45:22
Swim '06 47:53
[time includes 400-yard run up the beach to the parking lot]

Bike '08 1:31:56
Bike '07 1:36:12
Bike '06 1:45:12
[time includes T1 and T2 racking and unracking]

Run '08 56:04
Run '07 1:00:34
Run '06 1:07:01

Time '08: 3:06:18
Time '07: 3:22:08
Time '06: 3:40:06

I was 8th out of 14 in my age group. It’s good to be in the middle of the pack. Next year, I’ll move up some more. I may not be up there with those fast freaks of nature, but I’m looking forward to being even more confident on the swim, passing some more of those expensive bikes, and breaking three hours – some how, some way. But this race was about a lot more than the time on the clock. I had a GREAT time out there. More posts about that to come. For now, it’s back to the Red Sox game and my recovery.