The 2007 Tally

Happy New Year! I’m contemplating my New Year’s resolutions. (What’s the hurry? I blew half of them last year…like that one about procrastination.) I’m thinking about my 2008 race schedule. I’m wrapping my head around the idea of training for my first half Ironman. And I’m basking in the tally of my 2007 training mileage.

Swam 102,875 yards or 58.4 miles
Road Biked 536.8 miles
Mountain Biked 103.9 miles
Ran 435.2 miles
Hiked 15 miles
Raced 159.51 miles
Total Workout Time - 238 hours and 48 minutes

Sure, it could be a lot better. But, come to think of it, this represents the highest level of fitness I’ve obtained since my early twenties. Back then, I trained for marathons and took karate classes four times a week to work off my frustration as a baby faced, underpaid ad agency secretary with a business degree, a portfolio, potential and a Honda Prelude with the overwhelming propensity to break down. Who would figure that breaking into advertising or a lemon would give me the perseverance I needed to finish triathlons?