Seal Beach

Help for a Sick Seal Pup

Last Sunday, I took a stroll on the beach with Jan, Lynne, and Cindy. Jan pointed out where Dave and Laura were swimming off in the distance and we noticed an adult seal. It was typical gray morning here.

Jan and I were more than happy to delay our learning-how-to-swim-in-the-surf lesson with a walk. Until we spotted a young seal struggling in the water. The four of us stopped to see if he was just tired or sick. Lynne immediately went over to the lifeguard to request help for the little guy. But the guard seemed preoccupied with working on his jet ski. We continued to watch the seal make several sad attempts at getting beyond the breakwater, only to drift back to the beach. Maternal instincts kicked in and we decided to make a call just in case. I called the business line of the police department to request help and learned the guard did radio it in. A crowd started to surround us and it seemed like it was distressing the little guy, so we walked on. Lynne was great about coaching the kids about not getting too close to him or he could bite. As we headed towards the pier, I looked back and saw the little guy’s head in the water going towards the jetty. We worried about him. And wondered if they’d be able to find him again. Would he get the help he clearly needed?

It was one of those mysteries that lingered throughout the week. Then Sharkbait emailed me the good news. Through the magic of Facebook, one of her friends posted this from the Pacific Marine Mammal Center:

Kenevil, a 52-pound yearling sea lion, was rescued Sunday afternoon from Seal Beach. He is battling intestinal parasites/bacteria, severe dehydration and malnourishment. Two days of hydration therapy, antibiotics, and a quiet-warm-safe place to rest, brought improvement today. Kenevil still has a long road ahead, but his energy level has improved and for the first time ate the fish he was offered, which is certainly a good sign.

This news made my day! I have trail patrol tomorrow. The Pacific Marine Mammal Center is on the way to Todd’s. I’m tempted to stop by to see if I can visit Kenevil.