Sickness vs. Fitness

One of my dear friends, Sandy, noticed I hadn’t logged into Fitness Journal for seven days. Yeah, that map hasn’t changed much in the past month between the recovery week and a half from Oceanside and the nasty virus I picked up in Boston. A whopping 4 workouts for April.

I’m much better, but the rule of the thumb is no working out if it’s below the neck. Antibiotics are gone. Cough still lingers as well as the tightness in the chest. I can work. Not so sure if it would be smart to workout. So I’m losing fitness by the day – and starting to wonder if it’s in the cards for me to do XTERRA, the sport course, in two weekends.

On the bright side, I think the rest has done me good. I’m suddenly a lot more organized around the house. I no longer have 857 emails in my inbox. Books have been donated to the library drive. Clothes have been taken to the dry cleaner. No mysterious things lurking in the refrigerator. And I’m still daydreaming about that marathon in Alaska.