SHARE Poker Ride

Every year, my mountain bike club, SHARE, has a Poker Ride to raise money for the Crystal Cover Interpretive Association and its other do-good charitable projects – like donating bikes to needy kids during the holidays. Folks travel from all over SoCal to get their exercise and gambling fix in one shot. They ride the trails to a minimum of five checkpoints and draw a card at each stop. Awards are given to the top four hands and the worst hand. A fun time is had by all, including the volunteers.

Here we are in all our glory, bright and early Saturday morning. This is me and Robin, the guy who spearheaded this thing and our trail patrol program. Steve, my fellow trail patrol buddy I see out there regularly. And below, his wife Carolyn who helped me sell raffle tickets all morning. We secretly had a blast sorting all that cash and guessing how much was in the till.

The Grand Prize: Oh, how I pined for this bike. It reminded me a little bit of my first bike – a purple Schwinn. Must've been the silver fenders and the Schwinn S on the seat. For a few hours, I imagined it was mine. Then I had an evil thought of selling it to put more money aside for a Cervelo P2C or some such thing. When will the fantasizing every stop? I'm turning into a hopeless daydreamer!

The Grand Lunch. The nutrition available after the ride consisted of hotdogs, chips, cookies, fruit and your choice of Belgium Brewing selections, soda or water. Um, yeah, most people opted for the carbs.

The winner of the Fat Tire/New Belgium Brewing Company bike made by Schwinn (above). And the winner of the KHS Single-speed bike.

This happy guy bought a bunch of raffle tickets from us. He won a nice sheer yellow bike shirt that looked like it might be a tad too small. He was cheered on by the rowdy crowd, "TRY IT ON! TRY IT ON!" And then the peanut gallery (us) started singing strip music in the background. What do ya' know? It's a perfect fit. What a crowd pleaser! I mean what a ham!

Our reward for volunteering for the event. Karma for helping out. It was a fun event all the way around!