Reno Baby, Reno!

Well, I survived my first month of half Ironman training. And apparently, my coach has more faith in my endurance than I do. I followed her training regimen to the letter with the exception of two days off due to flu-like symptoms. In the process, I happily crossed the California state line and made it to Reno on Fitness’s virtual map (see right).

Last month, I:

Ran 47.08 miles
Cycled Outdoors 66.94 miles
Cycled Indoors 131.00 miles
Swam 7.84 miles

The Fitness Journal thing made me laugh when my training partner Sandy told me about it. Now I’m totally hooked on it. I’ve officially gone over the top from Tri-Geek to I dunno, Monster Tri-Geek. I love watching my progress, holding myself accountable for everything from swimming laps to stretching and meditating, seeing where I stand each day within the Fitness Journal tribe, and conversing with other athletes online.

Offline, I had a great training weekend with the help of Stacey, Sandy, and Kristin. They made the miles and yards pass so much faster than if I tried to do it alone. Stay tuned.