Random Observations from a Very Long Run

Yesterday, I did my last long training run before I head to Alaska. It was 22 miles. I ran it alone. Good mental training for a race with 400 or so runners. 3:53:30 minutes to contemplate the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here’s what I noticed:

– The hardest part of a long run is running past all the breakfast joints that smell like bacon.
– I am always nearsighted and a bit klutzy at 5:30 in the morning. I ate pavement after the first mile. The blow was cushioned by woodchips in the Marina landscaping.
– Some music sounds WAY better on a run than when I’m camped out in front of my computer working.
– At the risk of sounding really mean, most of the couples I saw on the beach bike path were grumpy, frumpy and chunky. They looked like they had been fighting with each other, and one was coerced into taking a walk “to talk.” But they weren’t – their mouths were shut. Weird to pick up that kind of energy from almost everyone I saw out there.
– Could it be because all the fitter, happier ones were at the Lifeguard Saving Contest, the AVP Professional Volleyball Tournament, and the Dragon Boat Festival?
– I did not eat enough this week. I did not eat enough this week.
– I did not nail my nutrition on the run either.
– The humidity was almost as bad as the East Coast – 70%.
– Some men should have their chests mowed before they go out in public without a shirt on.
– These are the same guys who can ditch the gold chains that went out of style with disco.
– Surfers carrying long boards on sidewalks often stop in their tracks to look at the waves in the distance. Then they look so surprised that they’re blocking the path of runners and walkers.
– I am both fitter for and humbled by this distance. I can go the whole way without walking, but as soon as I stopped, I hobbled around my living room like an arthritic 90-year old.
– My new Skins travel and recovery tights feel wonderful after a long run.
– So do my bright red, fuzzy slippers.