Race Report

I went up to Santa Ynez this weekend with 734’s Dad and his brothers. Two of them raced in the U.S. Cup mountain bike race. The other filmed it, even though he has a broken wing. Would you believe his fourth broken collarbone? (This time it was his left.)

The guys did great out there, despite tired legs from racing at Sea Otter the previous weekend. 734’s Dad placed second in the single-speed and solidified his win for the race series. I was proud of him for doing so well after competing in four races in five weeks. He was psyched that I had the sense to jump out on the course a little bit to hand him his bottles. (Okay, I got that from watching what the more experienced water girls did for the guys on geared bikes up front.) I didn’t want to screw that up! His brother placed third on gears.

Despite being surrounded by hardcore mountain bikers, I seem to have a knack for finding all the triathletes on the sidelines and chitchatting about tri stuff. A combination of selective perception, intuition, and that dead giveaway – race t-shirts. Triathletes are definitely shaped differently than cyclists or runners.

We avoided a lot of traffic by grabbing a good dinner at the Firestone Brewery before heading home. The guys were so wiped out that they let me watch the Red Sox game in the bar while they napped in the car. If I didn’t have a three-hour ride home in front of me, I would have enjoyed another beer for sure. Instead, I enjoyed watching my favorite kid on the team Jacoby Ellsbury steal home against the Yankees. Yup, all my guys did well Sunday!