Quick, Pick Tour Fantasy Team

Happy Fourth of July! Each year, Performance Bikes puts on a Tour de France Fantasy League. Now, if I could really pick my team, it would include Levi Leipheimer and that cutie Contador. But no such luck. Astana was not included in the final race roster. Please note that when you pick your team. AND YOU HAVE TO PICK YOUR TEAM BY MIDNIGHT, Central Time, ON THE FOURTH. Performance lists a bunch of teams and riders. It's "your responsibility to know who's riding." I had a lot of fun with this a couple of years ago and actually made the leader board a couple of times. We'll see what happens this time. I think I have a good team. And it'll give me a reason to get excited about the Tour without Lance, Floyd, and Levi. The link to enter is listed above. Just click on the title of this post.