Pre-Race Recovery

During the past few days, I’ve been soaking up the taper. Which feels a bit like tiptoeing around the tipping point – trying not to do too much without losing too much fitness either. In the process, I’ve turned Coach Beth into a shrink as she reassures me this horrible fatigue is normal and it’s okay to cut back on my scheduled workouts.

Saturday’s 13-mile tempo turned into a 12-mile slog in the heat with walking. Walking? I did 22 miles without walking two weeks ago. See what I mean? So I figured after two less-than-stellar workouts, I would devote myself to recovery with the same zeal as my better workouts.

This little guy helped. I was kitten sitting for 734 aka “Sweet Boy” while his "dad" did a mountain bike training block in Lake Tahoe. Picture us curled up on an easy chair, feet propped up in my comfy Skinz recovery tights reading Bart Yasso’s My Life on the Run. When he was awake, 734 kept gently putting his paw on the book as if to say, “Damn woman, how blind are you? Don’t hold that book so close.” For the record, he’s myopic too. We make quite a pair.

Other Pre-Race Recovery activities the past few days have included:

• Viewing a bootleg copy of the Sex and the City movie with some girlfriends. One third of its audio didn’t sync up with the video, which made me feel like I was suddenly watching a foreign film.

• Consuming the remaining few Rolling Rock and Molson beers 734’s dad left in the fridge. Yeah, I replaced them with some Stella Artois.

• Watching Kevin James stand-up routine on the Comedy Channel and laughing so hard that I’m sure the neighbors heard me a football field away. About six minutes into this video, his jet ski story is a gut buster.

• Attending the State Park Volunteer Appreciation party. Found out I was five hours away from getting the coveted Quail pin for my mountain bike patrol work. The joke of the night was “I didn’t get the bird!”

• Getting some classic race reports from my training buddies – Kristen is finally back from Ironman Switzerland, Sandy was in a 2-mile ocean race with currents so strong that I’m sure I would have been found 10 miles out to sea by the Coast Guard, and the twins, Jane and Jean and their cousin Gina tackled the half aquathon in Vineman/Barb’s Race. Everyone finished safe and happy.

• Also catching up with my college roommate, Leslie, and totally wore down the battery on my cell. Yeah, we do that a lot.

• Enjoying the entire Sex and the City movie in the theater with my first Southern California friend, Sally.

• Distracting 734 with new toys and little plates of tuna so he wouldn’t go into a deep depression and not eat without his dad. Think it worked!

This week is thankfully slow work wise. Which will give me more time to recover, visit my acupuncturist Jeffrey (the healing magician), and figure out what to pack for the big trip to Alaska. Skinz products work so well that I may race in them too. Anything to help me shave a few seconds here and there on my quest to qualify for Boston.