Last Big Push

Ironman California 70.3 is less than three weeks away.

Saturday I did 4 hours of mountain biking to prepare for those hills at Oceanside and avoid those text-messaging drivers on the road. I got in 23.5 miles of trails with 3,400+ feet of climbing. (A huge thanks to Bill for keeping me company the whole ride when he had no intention of going out for four hours that morning.) Then, I made a quick transition into a 3-mile trail run, doing the first 2 miles at my race pace (well, we'll see...) - 9:09 mile with 481 feet of climbing.

On Sunday, I did a hard 1:50, 10.6-mile run with four one-mile repeats at race pace mixed in with my training partner, Kristen. (What a trooper, she pulled it off with 3 hours of sleep the morning after her birthday celebration.) Followed it up with a half-mile swim in the Bay where we practiced our sighting techniques and just floated now and then to force our bodies to get used to it – it being a 59-degree temp.

Total workout time this weekend: 6:56.
Total $ raised for Operation Rebound this weekend: $595.00

Call me greedy, but I want more. No, not more miles or yards! I want to raise more for this great cause. So, if you haven't done so already and you can part with any small amount, please click on "Help Me Support The Troops" link in the top right-hand margin of this blog. It would really mean a lot to those guys and gals who have sacrificed so much and just want to be active like us again.