Just What I Wanted

A couple of weekends ago, 734’s Dad won his race at Rim Nordic. The pressure was on. He had to win, so he could cinch the series. I joked that he had to win 'cause it was my birthday. He had some tough competition, but finished strong. This time he did it on gears instead of his single speed. I was so proud of the guy and happy for him.

The next day, we celebrated by playing a little hooky. We both needed a day off to just chill out. We went for an easy bike ride in the morning and then hit the beach in the afternoon. I even got in my first ocean swim of the year. Another milestone after the knee surgery. The waves were mostly flat, but there was one good one that almost took my bikini bottom off. Too funny. When I poked my head up after that one, he said, “You look like you just swam the leg of the 70.3.” Yeah, I’m sure I looked wiped out. I keep reminding myself, ‘wait ‘til next year!’ But this is his year for sure.