Just Phenomenal

There are times when I get so inspired by other athletes. Lance Armstrong coming back from cancer. Operation Rebound soldiers returning after the ravages of war and multiple surgeries. And now, 24-year old Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester. Get ready for the goose bumps. Two summers ago he was diagnosed with leukemia. It was uncertain if he’d ever return to the majors. He played in the World Series last fall. It was uncertain if he’d be traded over the winter. He wasn’t. Good thing. He pitched a no-hitter on Monday night. That afternoon, Jon met with a 13-year old kid, John Clarke who won the ‘Breaking Barriers’ essay contest (in honor of Jackie Robinson) for the piece he wrote on his own experience with coming back from leukemia. Lester said he was inspired that night by this kid. Jon Lester is only the 18th pitcher in Red Sox history to throw a no-hitter.